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Kyoshin Printing
1-19-6, Sotokanda

Office Hours:
10 am - 6 pm

Sundays, National and Regular Holidays

FAX: +81(3)6260-8860

Kyoshin Printing is a Japanese Company in the Tokyo Metropolis area.
We print a wide variety of printed products.

Our member magazine called "DOOJIN" is for independant amateur manga creators, manga fans and animation/anime fans. We have appreciated the support of our customers for over 30 years in business.

Twice each year, during the summer and in the winter the "Doojin Convention" is held where the manga fans to meet the manga creators face-to-face. Most of the comics represented are listed in the print version of the "Comic Market" 1400 page catalogue with more than 30,000 comics represented. Also see the "Comic Market" Catalogue CD ROM for the same comic listings, printing specifications and more.

At our company we print the high quality products for an excellent value. Additionally, we want to remove your printing worries and help you make the wisest printing choices. The staff at Kyoshin Printing are committed to helping and providing you with the best support possible.


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